Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have been trying to describe what my Japan experience was.

Ultra violet light hung in the night sky, a new day rose when the sun went down, the sun had left view but the light still remained. Hues of metallic multi colored rays that reavled the highs peaks with in a valley of earthquake stopping, consumer concrete container high raises. Beneath the highest light breaking through the would be dark are gold glowing call-igraphed signature promising the greatest happy ending you ever read in any daisy featured length film. Below these signs laid the street lights and the people lit by the all these lights. At the bottom of this valley laid a the brightest light, it were as if the earth illuminated space, at the street level people darted across street in time to the perfectly chore-igraphed traffic directing light. In the course of 120 second 10 taxi with automatic doors dropped off 2 groups of 3 4 groups of 2 and 4 more single fares all under the first 30 seconds of this read light. In the mean time two mass column like schools of people crossed the street, flicking light off of them as though the light from the taxis should not have the audacity to illuminate them to the night. After 45 second of this red light 45 second of blue elapsed simultaneously. Give that 20 cars on average passed every 10 seconds at a constant rate, and 45 seconds had just elapsed leaving 5 seconds till a yellow glow lights up the crossing for 10 seconds allowing the tail end of the school of people to pass before the red rays shown in the other direction and the events of on Roppongi repeat on to its cross street. I tried to figure out how many of these estimated people where come from how many where going to the bar or love hotel, and if it now 1:00 Am and the train dose not start till 5:30 Am and if all activity exponentially decline in the last hour before the first train departs how many people dumped into me and how many people saw the same sights as I did. With that many eye there is are few moments that are not shard with every one. It was as though the night birth a new people each time that they where encapsulated by this artificial waking period. It was all so wonderful and tragic, ugly and irresistibly beautiful. And for all the lights sounds and hyper definitions of Roppongi and Shibuya crossing the back streets of Mergo-dori where populated by quiet tranquil darkness.

All things have there balance. ä¬ì˙‚¡ì˙