Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have fond Photo Mecca and ground zero for the shopocalypse. This past weekend I went to Akiharbra the shopping district of the Tokyo. If you ever thought Americans like to shop, then you haven’t seen the Japanese on a Saturday. Store after store promising the best deal her. We expect credit and USD (United States Dollar) each shop promoting this season consumer electronic. Last season’s phones and pocket digital point and shot cameras are now on clearance. Image is all of center city where a mall. Each floor of each building a new store with better deals or better products. I walked in to one of these monoliths of shopping, that loosely translated to electric city. Think of the largest Best Buys you have ever seen or been in and add four floors to it. A five story best buys doesn’t seem possible, not only is electric city big but it was packed. Wall to wall shopping, it was like Black Friday expects it was just a ordinary Saturday. 1/3 of the first floor was dedicated to cellular phone.
As I Ascended into the upper reaches of this mountain merchandises I reach the third floor; small appliances, bags, watches and Photographic Equipment. The masses parted and before me was every camera I had ever dreamed of owning. Each on a its own polished pedestal displaying its heavenly name. Camon eos 40D. Camon eos 5D
Camon eos D1 mark III all for the holding and shooting 16 frames a second. I didn’t think that camera was real just a myth never to be wielded by third year photo student. They had a 30-foot long standing display of Mamiya and Hassleblad products. not behind class like or in posters, but turned on begging to beheld. A Hassleblad with a Fuji digital back. I never thought I would even see one in person.
After 40 minutes holding cameras I would never hold again I passed by a 20-foot long floor to ceiling glass case of nothing but view and field cameras and accessories, hand crafted wood field cameras, varnished and polished. I spent 15 minutes standing in front of them before I moved on to papers and film. Stacks and Stack of Begger paper in every size. All up to date. In this wonderful word there is no post-dated film. It is kept fresh in a grocery store style produce section display. Sheet film in all formats and brands. I was truly over wheeled and at one point almost brought to tears.

Yeah so I’m trying to figure out how to get some of this paper back. Oh yeah they also have every size and finish of digital paper and A3 pictarico film.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All i need is a bowl

Since I’ve been in Japan I have almost completely phased plates out of my life. I haven’t look at a fork. Who knew that a bowl and 2 sticks could meet all your food serving and consuming needs? Right now I am chop sticking rice out of a bowl while I type. A bowl is a 3d eating surface. Layer upon layer of different foods can be added. Bowls are really the way to go. You can hold them one hand and have the perfect grip. No plate balancing involved. Bowls are the way to go.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


In my first few days in Tokyo i have come to realize alot of short falls of american cities. Tokyo is clean all over very low crime and easy to get around. citizen are comitted to the city and it goals. most notable at night everyone is out. there is a strong sceens of comunity. despite the cold peolpe where still out. people are who live like living here and are committed

me and me and life

Life has evolves on both the micro and macro scale, and what is true of one is true of the other, only the similarities are bound by the nature and behavior of the give organism. Cells and groups forming organelle behave similarly to factories and industrial complexes, each bring in raw material converting energy and produce products for consumption or storage. All organisms, organic and non-organic all follow similar expanding fractal pattern and design. An infinite number of possible out comes and variation of a similar organism. This is a universal truth. “All the same all different”